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Tuesday: January 31, 2012


"Coloring the Ages - Volume One"

A journey through the history of print-making in the West


It has been some time since we last posted on our Blog - but we have been busy ... working on a number of projects, including the publication

of "Coloring the Ages - Volume One". 


Volume One of "Coloring the Ages" is a coloring book with a twist - it includes a miscellany

of illustrations from the Collection that have been specially selected and introduced to take you

(as the colorist) through the history of printed illustrations in the West.


Coloring the Ages - Volume One (title page)

We have brought together this selection so that you may reconnect

with a tradition of hand-coloring printed illustrations that was a feature

of printed books and print-making from the 15th Century to the

early-20th Century.


As you move through this Volume, each design includes a researched introduction that will have you immersed in the stories behind the works

as you revive the art of enhancing monotone images with your own

selection of palettes.






To the left, we show the Title Page to Volume One of "Coloring the Ages" - a

design first produced by Sidney Meteyard for "The Golden Legend" (1910).


In taking this journey, you will have the opportunity to create your own colored interpretation of illustrations

from seminal works, including "Liber Chronicarum" ("The Nuremberg Chronicle"), Sebastian Brant's

"Daß Narrenschyff ad Narrigoniam" ("Ship of Fools"), "Der Weiß Kunig", Vergil's "Aeneid", "The Dance

of Death", "Cosmographia", Dante Alighieri's "La Divina Commedia" ("The Divine Comedy"),

Richard Wagner's "Lohengrin", "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" and "Tales from Shakespeare".


Along this path, you will also encounter a few tales with which you may not be so familiar as you blend

your own approaches with works from famous artists of the Renaissance and the Golden Age of

Illustration including: Albrecht Dürer; the Master of the Grüninger workshop; Hans Holbein the

Younger; David Kandel; Pieter Bruegel the Elder; Franz Hogenberg; Gustave Doré; Arthur Rackham;

Sidney H Sime; Reginald Knowles; Edmund Dulac; Vernon Hill; Willy Pogány; Kay Nielsen;

Harry Clarke; Frank C Papé; and Dugald Walker.


Volume One of "Coloring the Ages" measures 8.5 x 11", extends beyond 80 pages and includes, in

addition to the Title Page, the following 20 designs for your coloring pleasure.


Regardless of whether you choose to follow the lead of colorists of "The Nuremberg Chronicle" - as show

on the cover - or you follow your own path, making your way through "Coloring the Ages - Volume One"

will be a delightful journey.

Coloring the Ages - Volume One (cover)


The cover of Volume One of

"Coloring the Ages"


Coloring the Ages - Volume One (rear cover)


When you purchase a copy of "Coloring the

Ages - Volume One" from us, we will ship a copy

to any destination worldwide for US$25

(inclusive of postage).


Use this Add to Cart button to purchase now!




'The Expulsion from Paradise' from ''The Nuremberg Chronicle''Title illustration from the 1st Latin Edition of ''Ship of Fools'''Saint Michael fighting the Dragon' from Durer's ''Apocalypse''Illustration from the 1502 Edition of Vergil's ''Opera''

The Expulsion from Paradise

"Liber Chronicarum"


Unknown Artist of the German Renaissance


Ship of Fools

"Daß Narrenschyff ad Narragoniam"


Unknown Artist of the German Renaissance


Saint Michael Fighting the Dragon

"Apocalipsis cum Figuris"


Albrecht Dürer


Aeneis and the Sybil meet Palinurus

on the shores of the Cocytus on their

approach to the entrance of Hades



The Master of the Grüninger Workshop


Illustration from ''Der Weiss Kunig'''The Knight' by Hans Holbein the Younger from ''The Dance of Death'''Rhinoceros' by David Kandel (after Albrecht Durer) from ''Cosmographia'''Lust' by Pieter Bruegel the Elder from ''The Seven Vices''

How the Old White King traveled to the

Pope's land with his consort to be married

and was greeted warmly by the great

masses of the population of Rome

"Der Weiß Kunig"

(Prepared prior to 1519 - first published in 1775)

Unknown Artist of the German Renaissance


The Knight

"The Dance of Death"


Hans Holbein the Younger

The Rhinoceros


(Various editions between 1544 and 1598)

David Kandel

(after Albrecht Dürer)


"The Seven Vices"


Pieter Bruegel the Elder

'Battle between Dragon and Whale on the Rhine' by Franz HogenbergIllustration by Gustave Dore from ''Purgatory and Paradise''Arthur Rackham - 'The Rescue'Sidney H Sime - 'The ship of Yoharneth-Lahai' from ''The Gods of Pegana''

Battle between Dragon and

Whale on the Rhine

"Description of the Royal Wedding between

Johan Wilhelm of Jülich-Cleve-Berg and

Jakobe of Baden-Baden occurring in 1585"


Franz Hogenberg


In fashion as a snow-white rose, lay

then before my view the saintly

multitude, which in his own blood

Christ espoused

"Purgatory and Paradise"

(1889 - Henry Altemus Edition)

Gustave Doré


The Rescue

"The Studio"

(1905 - April)

Arthur Rackham

The ship of Yoharneth-Lahai

"The Gods of Pegãna"


Sidney H Sime


Reginald Knowles - 'Prince Glee and Princess Trill' from ''Legends from Fairyland''Edmund Dulac - 'The Bells' from ''The Bells and Other Poems''Vernon Hill - 'The Demon Lover' from ''Ballads Weird and Wonderful''Willy Pogany - illustration from ''Lohengrin''

Prince Glee and Princess Trill

"Legends from Fairyland"


Reginald Knowles


The Bells

"The Bells and Other Poems"


Edmund Dulac


The Demon Lover

"Ballads Weird and Wonderful"


Vernon Hill

He is my Lord. He is my King.

And his till death am I.



Willy Pogány

Kay Nielsen - illustration from ''East of the Sun and West of the Moon''Harry Clarke - illustration from ''The Year's at the Spring''Frank C Pape - illustration from ''Tales from Shakespeare''Dugald Walker - 'Mr Valiant-for-Truth' from ''The Dust of Seven Days''

He took her home

"East of the Sun and West of the Moon"


Kay Nielsen


With magic key ... unlocking buds

that keep the roses

"The Year's at the Spring"


Harry Clarke


They were stopped by the strange

appearance of three figures

"Tales from Shakespeare"


Frank C Papé

Mr Valiant-for-Truth

"The Dust of Seven Days"


Dugald Stewart Walker


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