The Art of Sidney H Sime



Sidney H Sime (1867-1941) is one of the artists associated with the Golden Age of Illustration - being best known for his detailed monotone work.


The Sidney H Sime Collection at Spirit of the Ages includes art images from some of Sime's seminal work. As a valuable reference resource, options are also provided for purchasing a range of gifts, including reproduction prints, posters and greeting cards.


Sime was born into poverty in Manchester and worked his way through a variety of jobs before he entered the Liverpool School of Art. While studying at that School, he won the South Kensington Medal.


He established a reputation for fantastic illustrations through contributions to Pick-Me-Up, The Idler and the Pall Mall Gazette. After he received an inheritance, Sime even purchased The Idler, but the investment was to prove unsuccessful, with the magazine closing within two years.


Above, we show a vintage

photograph of Sidney H Sime


In 1905, Sime was approached by Lord Dunsany to illustrate The Gods of Pegăna and his subsequent contributions to

Dunsany's work marked the beginning of a long association between author and illustrator. It also marked a significant

development in Sime's career and burgeoning reputation as a fantasy artist.


We invite you to take the time to peruse the wonderful artwork from Sidney H Sime that is included in the Collection -

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The Gods of Pegăna

8 images

Time and the Gods

10 images

The Sword of Welleran

10 images

A Dreamer's Tales

9 images



The Book of Wonder

10 images

Bogey Beasts

15 images

Thor, Shut out from Valhalla

1 image

A Cornish Christmas Litany

1 image



The Diver

1 image