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Hans Holbein the Younger (1498-1543) - he is called "the Younger" to distinguish him from his father, Hans Holbein the Elder, a painter of the Late Gothic School - worked in what has been termed the Northern Renaissance Style, producing prints and paintings throughout his career.


As a young artist, Holbein is known to have found work in Basel painting murals and religious works, including designs for stained glass windows and printed books. It was during that period that he prepared the images to accompany Erasmus' classic work Moriae Encomium, in addition to his suite that was subsequently published as

Der Todten-Tantz.


In 1526, Holbein traveled to England carrying a recommendation from Erasmus and quickly gained patrons among the humanist circle of Thomas More before returning to Basel for four years. By 1532, Holbein had re-established his career in England and by 1538, he had been appointed King's Painter to King Henry VIII - an appointment he retained until his death.

Hans Holbein - self-protrait


Above, we show Holbein's self-portrait

depicting the artist at the age of 45


The Hans Holbein Collection at Spirit of the Ages includes images from some of Holbein's seminal printed work,


We invite you to take the time to peruse the wonderful artwork from Hans Holbein that is included in the Collection - to view images from any one of his suites listed below, simply 'click' on the hyperlinks embedded within the titles and the




Moriae Encomium

81 images

Der Todten-Tantz

41 images

Engraving from Han Holbein's illustrations for ''Moriae Encomium'' (''The Praise of Folly'' or ''L'Eloge de la Folie'') Hans Holbein illustration for ''Der Todten-Tantz'' (''The Dance of Death'') - 'A Cemetary'