The Art of Reginald and Horace Knowles


Reginald Knowles (1879-1950) was a book designer and illustrator who worked with his brother, Horace Knowles, on a

number of exquisite illustrated books in the first two decades of the 20th Century and thus, are associated with the

Golden Age of Illustration.


While both brothers usually share equal credit, it is understood that most of the colour illustrations and detailed monotone

images were prepared by Reginald Knowles.


A decade after their earliest work, Horace Knowles produced a stunning and comprehensive suite of colour and

monotone illustrations for Peeps into Fairyland (1924).


The Art Nouveau, Fantasy and Gothic Revival imagery captured in the illustrations by the Knowles' brothers is magnificent.


We invite you to take the time to peruse the wonderful artwork from Reginald and Horace Knowles that is included in the

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Published illustrations by Reginald and Horace Knowles


Legends from Fairy Land

More than 100 images

Norse Fairy Tales

More than 100 images

Old-World Love Stories

More than 40 images

Peeps into Fairyland

More than 100 images

Reginald and Horace Knowles - an illustration from ''Legends from Fairy Land''

Reginald Knowles - an illustration from ''Norse Fairy Tales''

Reginald Knowles - an illustration from ''Old-World Love Stories'' Horace Knowles - an illustration from ''Peeps into Fairyland''