Florence Anderson Collection


Florence Anderson was an English artist active as a book illustrator throughout the first three decades of the 20th Century.

Her art was influenced by the British Fairy School.


The Florence Anderson Collection at Spirit of the Ages includes images from some of Anderson's seminal work.


Her first major commission appears to have been an extensive suite of colour and monotone illustrations prepared for

The Dream-Pedlar published in 1914. Anderson received further substantial commissions throughout the decade that

followed, including major suites of colour and monotone illustrations prepared for: The Travelling Companions (1915);

Little Dwarf Nose & The Magic Whistle (1916); The Black Princess and other Fairy Tales from Brazil (1916); The Cradle
(1916); The Magic Kiss (1916); My Fairyland (1916); Nutcracker and Mouse King (1916); Adventures in Magic Land and

Other Tales (1917); The Rainbow Twins (1919); Valentine and Orson: The Twin Knights of France (1919); Secrets of the

Flowers (1919); The Password to Fairyland (1920); and The Singing Fish (1922).


We invite you to take the time to peruse the wonderful artwork from Florence Anderson included in the Collection -

to view images from any one of her suites or paintings listed below, simply 'click' on the hyperlinks embedded within

the titles and the images.



The Illustrated Books


The Dream-Pedlar

16 images

The Travelling


12 images

Little Dwarf Nose and

The Magic Whistle

8 images

The Cradle Ship

4 images




The Black Princess and Other Fairy Tales from Brazil

12 images

The Magic Kiss

12 images

My Fairyland

4 images

Secrets of the Flowers

8 images




Valentine and Orson

8 images

The Rainbow Twins

13 images

The Password to Fairyland

8 images

The Singing Fish

4 images






The Paintings



So there they were

in the garden

1 image

Waiting for something

to happen

1 image

The Golden-Haired Maiden

1 image



On the perfumed high road

which leads to happiness

1 image

You are to be called Azulina

1 image



Seeing a beautiful white

rose, she stopped to

pluck it

1 image



The Mysterious Rose Garden

1 image