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"Mozart: Zwölf Gedichte" (1914)


Illustrated by Heinrich Lefler


In 1914, one of the final substantial suites of book illustrations designed by Heinrich Lefler was published by Munk (Vienna) in a title

known as "Mozart: Zwölf Gedichte" ("Mozart: Twelve Poems").


Lefler's illustrations for "Mozart: Zwölf Gedichte" (1914) accompanied the poetry of Richard Specht - an Austrian Dramatist, Lyricist,

Musicologist and Author - that was inspired by the music of Mozart. Each of Lefler's colour designs appearing in "Mozart: Zwölf

Gedichte" (1914) are presented within a cartouche with unique gold highlights.


Like earlier publications from Munk (Vienna) featuring designs by Lefler, "Mozart: Zwölf Gedichte" (1914) presented the artwork in

a superb large format and on high quality media. Such an approach ensured that Lefler's images were shown to best effect.


These illustrations represent wonderful examples of artwork arising from the Jugendstil movement and are a testament to Lefler's

talents, even late in his career and without the opportunity to collaborate with Joseph Urban (who had emigrated to the

United States a number of years earlier).


Lefler's designs show Tamino, Pamina, Papageno and Papagena (from 'The Magic Flute'), Bastien and Bastienne (from the Opera

of the same title), a scene from 'The Abduction from the Seraglio', Cherubino and the post-nuptial celebrations from 'The Marriage

of Figaro', a scene from the Prologue and the character of Donna Anna from 'Don Giovanni', a scene from 'Cosi fan tutte',

depictions of Mozart in Hellbrunn and finalising 'Requiem', in addition to an imagined performance of 'String Quartet No. 18 in

A major'.


In addition to his twelve colour illustrations, Lefler also provided marginal and Title designs for "Mozart: Zwölf Gedichte" (1914).


Examples of "Mozart: Zwölf Gedichte" (1914) are rare and highly regarded by collectors.





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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Heinrich Lefler.


An example of one of our Fine Art Posters

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The colour illustrations from Heinrich Lefler for "Mozart: Zwölf Gedichte"  (1914)



String Quartet No. 18 in A major

The Magic Flute

Tamino and Pamina


The Magic Flute




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Bastien and Bastienne The Abduction from the Seraglio

The Marriage of Figaro



The Marriage of Figaro

The Night-long Celebration



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Don Giovanni



Don Giovanni

Donna Anna


Cosi fan tutte Hellbrunn  

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