The Art of Daphne Allen



Daphne Allen (1899-1985) is one of the artists associated with the Golden Age of Illustration.


The Daphne Allen Collection at Spirit of the Ages includes art images from some of Allen's seminal work. As a valuable

reference resource, options are also provided for purchasing a range of gifts, including reproduction prints, posters and

greeting cards.


Born in London, Allen was undertook training from an early age from her parents - her father, Hugh Allen, himself, was

a recognised artist. This childhood tutelage provided Allen with considerable opportunity to develop as an artist and her

first exhibition occurred at the tender age of 13 and she remains one of the youngest artists to exhibit with the Society of

Women Artists.


As a child, suites of Allen's illustrations were published in two illustrated books, A Child's Visions and The Birth of the Opal.

At the age of 17, a third book including her illustrations was published, The Cradle of Our Lord and in her adult life, a

further very rare book including her illustrations was published, The Silver Birch Tree. Allen also contributed illustrations

of fairies and religious subjects to a number of magazines, including The Illustrated London News, The Sketch and The Tatler.


We invite you to take the time to peruse the wonderful artwork from Daphne Allen that is included in the Collection - to

view images from any one of Allen's suites or illustrations listed below, simply 'click' on the hyperlinks embedded within

the titles and the images.



A Child's Visions

The Birth of the Opal

12 colour images

The Cradle of Our Lord

The Silver Birch Tree

15 images


The Seasons

4 colour images



Worshipped by our Remote Ancestors at the Winter Solstice

1 image

A Christmas Dream

1 image

Alpha and Omega

1 image

Immortal 'Falias of the North'

1 image



The Four Mystic Treasures

of the Shee

1 image