Falcon the Hunter


Illustrated by Frank C Papé




This particular illustration depicts a meeting between the legendary medieval Russian bogatyr

(Knight-errant), Dobrynya Nikitich, and Falcon the Hunter - as described in the following text

from the tale of ''Falcon the Hunter" within the 1916 Edition of The Russian Story Book:


Then Nikitich sprang to his nimble feet, saddled and mounted his good

steed, and rode forth to the place where a great river met the dark-grey

sea. As he looked along the straight road he saw a rider before him who

sat upon his horse with the assurance of youth and victory. His black

steed was full of mettle and fresh from the untamed steppe. At each

leap he covered a furlong, and the marks which the hoofs of his horse

made upon the bosom of moist Mother Earth were as large as a ram or

a full-grown sheep. Flames flashed from the mouth of the steed, lighting

up the heavy clouds which hung over the dark-grey sea, sparks of blue

fire showered from his nostrils, and from his erected ears smoke curled

in tiny wreaths which quivered and then vanished in mid-air. The helmet

on the head of the hero glowed like fire, and blue rays of light darted

from ornaments on his doublet, from his pointed spurs and his stirrups

of bright steel. At his left stirrup ran a swift greyhound, and a fire-eating

dragon was chained to the right which sang and whistled with a strange

music as the horse and its rider passed on towards the dark-grey sea.

From shoulder to shoulder hopped the clear-eyed bird from which

Falcon the Hunter took his name, and as it passed it plucked at the long

yellow locks of the rider, which streamed upon his shoulders like

tongues of living flame.

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The knight sat easily upon the back of his strange steed, and as he rode

he amused himself by hurling his bright steel mace towards the lowering

clouds which hung threatening over the dark-grey sea. It flashed across

the cloudy barrier, making a bright reflection in the heavy water, and

then returned obedient to the hand of Falcon the Hunter without

touching either sea or land in its flight. As he played, Falcon the Hunter

spoke to his wonderful mace: "Lightly as I now whirl this mace aloft,

even so lightly will I twirl Ilya of Murom the Old Cossack."


The illustrations by Papé for The Russian Story Book (1916) are particularly interesting having set the scenes within the

Viking heritage of early Russia.



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