Apocalipsis cum Figuris

Apocalypse with Pictures; or The Revelations of St John


Illustrated by Albrecht Dürer



Albrecht Dürer's suite of illustrations known as the Apocalypse were first published in 1498 under the title

Apocalipsis cum Figuris. For that seminal 1st Edition, the set of 15 plates was published simultaneously in Latin and



Based upon the Biblical "Book of Revelation", wherein the destruction of the wicked, the overthrow of Satan and

the establishment of a new kingdom of Christ is dealt with in florid allegorical fashion, Apocalipsis cum Figuris

included some of Dürer's most powerful illustrations.


The impact that the publication of this series had on Dürer's career is noted by Knackfuss (Durer: H Grevel & Co,

London; 1900):


It was not his portraits, however, nor his religious pictures, but a series of woodcuts,

which made Albrecht Dürer famous far and wide at quite an early age ... [i]n 1498

Dürer published the Revelations of St John the Divine with Latin and with German

text and fifteen woodcuts of large dimensions. In the choice of this subject he fell in

with the mood of the age. The excited spirits o that period, a period disquieted

within itself, still striving, without a definite aim, for something new, had a peculiar

love for the study of the mysterious prophecies of the Apocalypse, so diversely



But to him, the artist fired with the creative impulse, this book offered the richest

field for his inexhaustible imagination. As a draughtsman he could follow the author

in his fantastic visions with a flight of fancy no less bold that his. Thus he put into

visible shape the obscure prophetic utterances of the Evangelist in such a masterly

and poignant style as the world had never seen or dreamed of until then. His work

was something perfectly new, a "revelation" of art. Even at the present day these

designs with their tremendous energy and spiritual significant can never fail to be



Knackfuss also notes the significant technical innovation that was characteristic of this set of woodcuts:


It is not only the unprecedented and unsurpassed grandeur and boldness of invention

that give their great important to Dürer's designs for the Apocalypse. To the artistic

value of these woodcuts must be added the special place which they occupy in the

history of art. They signify the most important turning-point in the development of

wood-engraving. Hitherto woodcuts had to be coloured before they could pass for

finished pictures. Dürer made his drawings which were intended for cutting in such a

way that there was no need of any such addition; he was the first to introduce

contrast of light and shade in drawings on wood by using close cross-hatching, and

by this method of drawing with a certain degree of "colour" he produced the effect

of a finished picture in a way which rendered any reinforcement with actual colouring

quite superfluous.




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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these extraordinarily powerful images by Albrecht Dürer.



Dürer's illustrations



The Martyrdom of St John

the Evangelist



St John's Vision of Christ and

the Seven Candlesticks

St John and the Twenty-four Elders

in Heaven



The Four Riders of the Apocalypse
Opening the Fifth and Sixth Seals

Four Angels Staying the Winds and

Signing the Chosen



The Adoration of the Lamb

and the Hymn of the Chosen

The Seven Trumpets are Given

to the Angels 

The Battle of the Angels

St John Devours the Book

The Woman Clothed with the Sun

and the Seven-headed Dragon

St Michael Fighting the Dragon

The Sea Monster and the

Beast with the Lamb's Horn

The Whore of Babylon

The Angel with the Key to

the Bottomless Pit