The Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Seven-headed Dragon

From Apocalipsis cum Figuris (Apocalypse)

Illustrated by Albrecht Dürer



Dürer's The Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Seven-headed Dragon depicts one element of the ecstatic vision

experienced by St John.


Mrs Charles W Heaton (The History of the Life of Albrecht Durer of Nurnberg with a Translation of His Letters and

Journal and Some Accounts of His Work: Seeley, Jackson and Halliday, London; 1881), in an early comprehensive

biographical work, provides the following description of this wonderful illustration:


The woman stands, as St John describes, with the moon (a crescent moon) under her

feet, with the sun, in the form of a glory around her, and with a crown of twelve

stars upon her head, much in the same way as the Virgin Mary, as Queen of Heaven,

is depicted by Catholic art. Yet Diirer, obvious as the inference appears, does not

seem to have intended this woman for the Virgin, for he has added to her form a pair

of powerful wings, which he would hardly have done had he meant her to represent

the earthly mother of our Lord. She has already been delivered of the child, who is

borne up by two angels towards the Father, a half-figure in the clouds. The great red

dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads, rages
and foams before her, his tail reaching up to the heaven and drawing down the third

part of the stars.



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The woman clothed with the Sun The seven-headed Dragon