''A Sleeper''

Illustration by Vernon Hill




Complete image

Single Greeting Card (with matching Envelope)

Price: US$5.00

Detail (for reference)

Reproduction on 8x12" sheet

Code: VH AS 8x12
Price: US$30.00

Reproduction on 10x15" sheet

Code: VH AS 10x15
Price: US$50.00



When presented on Greeting Cards, these images are prepared as tipped-in plates - in homage

to the hand-crafted approach typical of prestige illustrated publications produced in the early

decades of the 20th Century.


Hand-finishing is used to replicate the visual appearance of a tipped-in plate and the images are

presented on Ivory card stock (in the case of colour illustrations) or White card stock (in the

case of monotone illustrations) with an accompanying envelope. We have left the cards blank

so that you may write your own personal message.


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