The Wishing-Fairy's Animal Friends (1921)

Designs by Dugald Stewart Walker



To the left is shown a rare copy of

The Wishing-Fairy's Animal Friends.


This copy shows the original blue-stamped

orange cloth cover with applied pictorial








On the right is the decorated Title Page

showing one of Walker's lovely marginal

monotone illustrations.


The Wishing-Fairy's Animal Friends was published by Brentano's Publishers (New York) in 1921 and examples of the

1st Edition - as illustrated by Dugald Walker - are among the rarest of his illustrated books.


Corinne Ingraham (the author of The Wishing-Fairy's Animal Friends) outlines the themes explored in her book in her

Foreword thus:

Tell a child stories of legends and of fairies, so that he can hear the music of the

little creatures of the woods, and can sense the throbbing of the flowers' hearts

and you will have given him something that will tint his whole life with beauty -

a beauty which sordid details of the world can not smother.


The young mind should early be impregnated with the poetry of nature; for

without doubt the impressions of babyhood remain the most poignant of life.


It is my conviction that only by constant repetition in the simple and direct

wording familiar to a child can big underlying truths be accentuated in his forming



With this in view I have tried in the following sketches to establish a certain

animal fellowship, including a moral significance which the little one will

unconsciously accept.


I should like to see in every nursery a song-bird, a bowl of fish and a pot of

growing flowers, - and without, the wide, wild fields and woods.

Walker's illustrations - in both colour and monotone (for the books is also filled with gloriously wonderful marginal

monotone illustrations) - reflect the conscientious magical intent expressed by Ingraham. They are quite simply,




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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Dugald Walker.



The colour illustrations



I shall give you the loveliest thing

I can think of: that you should

always be happy.



Cottontail and the Wishing-Fairy

And the Wishing-Fairy gave all

of them long ears.

The Giraffe

I have a wish. Please give me

a very long neck.

The Peacock who wanted too much

I am going to punish you for

never being satisfied; for always

asking for more.

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Reproduction on 12x18" sheet

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The Turtle's Wish

The Turtle going patiently along

with Mrs Frog riding on his back.

The Zebra and the Wishing-Fairy

Stella waved her wand and the Zebra

had his stripes.

Mr and Mrs Frog go back to Stella

Don't worry, Mrs Frog's mouth is no

larger than yours.



The Caterpillar who was tired

Stella was coming nearer and nearer

to them on her Butterfly.

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