"The Wee, Wee Man"

Vernon Hill

Ballads Weird and Wonderful (1912)




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The Wee, Wee Man



As I was walking all alane

Between a water and a wa',

There I spied a wee, wee man,

And he was the least the e'er I saw.


His legs were scant a shathmont lang,

And thick and thimber was his thie,

Between his brows there was a span,

And between his shoulders there was three.


He has ta'en up a mickle stane,

And he flung 't as far as I could see;

Though I had been a Wallace wight

I couldna liften 't to my knee.


"O wee, wee man, but ye be strang!

O tell me where your dwelling be?"

"My dwelling's down by yon bonny bower;

O will ye gae wi' me and see?"

On we lap, and awa' we rade,

Till we came to a bonny green;

We lighted down to bait our steed,

And out there came a lady sheen;


Wi' four-and-twenty at her back

A' comely clad in glisterin' green;

Tho' the King of Scotland had been there,

The warst o' them might hae been his queen.


On we lap, and awa' we rade,

Till we came to a bonny ha';

The roof was o' the beaten gowd,

And the floor was o' the crystal a'.


When we came to the stair-foot,

Ladies were dancing jimp and sma';

But in the twinkling of an ee,

My wee, wee man was clean awa'.