The Six Who Were Left in a Shoe (1923)

Designs by Dugald Stewart Walker




To the left is shown a rare copy of

The Six Who Were Left in a Shoe.


This copy shows the original coloured

board cover with Walker's illustration.







On the right is the decorated Title Page

showing one of Walker's lovely marginal

colour illustrations.


The Six Who Were Left in a Shoe - published by The P F Volland Company (Chicago) in 1923 - included Dugald

Walker's illustrations to accompany Padraic Colum's classic childrens' tale.


Walker contributed colour illustrations exclusively to this commission, including the front and rear covers, End

Papers, major colour illustrations and a plethora of marginalia throughout this wonderfully delicate publication.



Our Greeting Cards and Reproduction Prints


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When presented on Greeting Cards, these images are prepared as tipped-on plates - in hommage to the hand-crafted

approach typical of prestige illustrated publications produced in the early decades of the 20th Century. Each card is

hand-finished and the images are presented on Ivory card stock with an accompanying envelope. The rear of each

card carries information about Dugald Walker, this wonderful suite and the profiled illustration - we have left the

interior of the cards blank so that you may write your own personal message.


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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Dugald Walker.



The colour illustrations


Malkin raised herself and with her

fore-paws upon the table she made

her speech.

For there was an argument then as to whether it should be left to the Goat

or the Goose or the Cat to fix upon the way they should go. No one liked the

Cat after the way she had spoken.


(Presented as a diptych)



 There was a house with smoke coming

out of it in the corner of the field, with

a little stream below, and they all felt

that this was the very house for them

to stay in.

Reproduction on 12x18'' sheet

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A pair of reproductions on 12x18'' sheets

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Reproduction on 12x18'' sheet

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And then he lifted up his two hands as

if he were going to do something awful

to them.

"It is," said the Cat, " exactly - really

exactly - like the Old Woman's House

before the Old Woman left it. I'm a very

good judge of houses and I know that

it is exactly like.".




Reproduction on 12x18'' sheet

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Reproduction on 12x18'' sheet

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The coloured End Papers



End Papers




A pair of reproductions on 12x18'' sheets

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Price: US$120.00