The Masque of Comus (1954)

Illustrated by Edmund Dulac



To the left, we show a rare copy of Milton's Comus illustrated

by Edmund Dulac under commission of The Limited Editions

Club (New York) in 1954.


This example retains the original vellum backed cover with

marble boards.










The Masque of Comus was a 17th Century moral tale borne from a collaboration between John Milton and Henry Lawes.

It tells a story about virtue and grace, two matter upon which Milton had meditated profoundly. The tale is of a lady,

lost from her brothers in a wood, who is threatened by the son of Bacchus and Circe. The loss of her virginity follows

but through supernatural means, she is saved.


The original performance of The Masque of Comus was before the Earl of Bridgewater on the occasion of his becoming

Lord President of Wales. Performed at Ludlow Castle, the parts of the Lady and her two brothers were played by three

children of the Earl, and the part of "Thyrsis the Attendant Spirit" by Lawes himself.


Dulac's contribution to The Masque of Comus was published posthumously - he had died a year earlier. The illustrations

he prepared for the tale capture the naivety inherent in elements of the story, in addition to other central themes such as

Hope, Faith and Chastity.



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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Edmund Dulac.



The colour illustrations


The huntress Dian her dread bow



Circe, the daughter of the Sun

Midnight shout, and revelry

The blind mazes of this tangled wood

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Beauty ... had need the guard

of dragon-watch



Behold this cordial julep


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