The Marsh King's Daughter

Illustration by Kay Nielsen



This glorious illustration from Nielsen was inspired by the classic tale from "The Marsh King's Daughter", a classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen.


As is typical in Nielsen's work, he has combined a number of elements of the tale to craft an image of incredible power, with such elements including: burial mounds;

Vikings risen from the dead; dragons and goblins; and the risen Christian priest and

the Marsh King's Daughter. From within the tale, it may be that the image is most

closely linked to the following words:


Then he lifted her on the horse and gave her a golden censer,

similar to those she had already seen at the Vikingís house. A

sweet perfume arose from it, while the open wound in the

forehead of the slain priest, shone with the rays of a diamond.

He took the cross from the grave, and held it aloft, and now

they rode through the air over the rustling trees, over the

hills where warriors lay buried each by his dead war-horse;

and the brazen monumental figures rose up and galloped

forth, and stationed themselves on the summits of the hills.


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  The golden crescent on their foreheads, fastened with golden

knots, glittered in the moonlight, and their mantles floated in

the wind. The dragon, that guards buried treasure, lifted his

head and gazed after them. The goblins and the satyrs peeped

out from beneath the hills, and flitted to and fro in the fields,

waving blue, red, and green torches, like the glowing sparks

in burning paper. Over woodland and heath, flood and fen,

they flew on, till they reached the wild moor, over which

they hovered in broad circles. The Christian priest held the

cross aloft, and it glittered like gold, while from his lips

sounded pious prayers. Beautiful Helgaís voice joined with his

in the hymns he sung, as a child joins in her motherís song.

She swung the censer, and a wonderful fragrance of incense

arose from it; so powerful, that the reeds and rushes of the

moor burst forth into blossom. Each germ came forth from

the deep ground: all that had life raised itself. Blooming

water-lilies spread themselves forth like a carpet of wrought

flowers, and upon them lay a slumbering woman, young and

beautiful. Helga fancied that it was her own image she saw

reflected in the still water. But it was her mother she beheld,

the wife of the Marsh King, the princess from the land of the




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