"The Elfin Knight"

Vernon Hill

Ballads Weird and Wonderful (1912)




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The Elfin Knight



The Elfin Knight stands on yon hill.

Blaw, blaw, blaw winds, blaw,

Blawing his horn baith loud and shrill,

And the wind has blawn my plaid awa'.


"I wish that horn were in my kist,

And the laddie here that I love best."


She had no sooner these words said,

When that the knight came to her bed.


"Thou art o'er young a maid," quoth he,

"Married wi' me tho ill would'st be."


"I hae a sister younger than I,

And she was married yesterday."


"Married wi' me if thou would'st be,

A courtesy thou must do to me.


"Ye maun make a find holland sark,

Without any stitching or needle-wark.


"And ye maun wash it in yonder well,

Where dew never wat, nor rain ever fell.


"And ye maun dry it upon a thorn

That never budded sin' Adam was born."

"Now, sin' ye've ask'd some things o' me,

It's right I ask as many o' thee.


"My father left me an acre o' land,

Between the saut sea and the strand.


"And ye maun plaw 't wi' your blawing horn,

And ye maun saw' t wi' pepper corn.


"And ye maun harrow 't wi' a single tine,

And ye maun shear 't wi' a sheep's shank bane.


"And ye maun barn 't in yong mouse-hold,

And ye maun thrash 't in your shoe-sole.


"And ye maun winnow 't in your loof,

And ye maun sack it in your gluv.e


"And ye maun dry 't without candle or coal,

And grind it fine without quern or mill.


"When ye've done, and finish'd your wark,

Come back to me, and ye'll get your sark!"