The Daughters of the Stars (1939)

Illustrated by Edmund Dulac



On the left, we show a rare copy of The Daughters of the Stars by Mary Crary. Illustrated by Edmund Dulac, this book was published by Hatchard and Co. (London) in 1939.


This copy shows the original decoratively embossed cream cloth cover.












The Daughters of the Stars was a tale written by Mary Crary to inspire girls - and mothers - through narrative describing the

fantastic journey of Perdita and Astrella that was similar to traditionally styled fairytales. In this tale, however, Perdita

(Astrellas's) mother was not dispatched within the first lines, but accompanied her daughter throughout the magnificent tale.


Owing to constraints imposed by wartime budgets, the original commission extended to Dulac for illustrating Crary's tale was

restricted to just two colour illustrations and marginal monotone designs (including the Title Page).

A letter from Crary's mother published in The Rotarian (September 1940) provides a lovely introduction to the Book and

significance of Dulac's illustrations:


It was known that my daughter had written a beautiful Fairy Tale.


It is said that within the sacred walls of Hatchard's in Piccadilly one can recapture the atmosphere

of any literary period.


Hatchard's, the royalty of books stores. By appointment to the King. At 187 Piccadilly. Chapman

and Hall, who published most of Charles Dickens' work, were at 192 Piccadilly.


Harchard's were willing to publish my daughter's book. They had published but few things and

their tradition forbade any but a fine edition. Selected paper, printing, design, and binding.


My daughter had said no one should touch the illustrations but Edmund Dulac. Edmund Dulac,

who had not done an illustration for 11 years, who would not even reply to inquiries concerning

them and who had just finished his gigantic task of designing the more important stamps for the

new British reign.


But I knew Edmund Dulac's flair was for fantasy, and once he was prevailed upon to read

"The Daughters of the Stars," he agree, not only to do the illustrations but to design the complete

format of the book.


On September 1, 1939, two of the illustrations were done. Selected material and selected

craftsmanship for the book were contracted for.


For the first time in its history Hatchard's planned to clear one of its famed windows and place

therein my daughter's portrait, together with an original Dulac illustration on each side of her and

above all two scrolls announcing the forthcoming book and calling is "Something sane in a mad

world". At the top of the scrolls were the Royal Arms of the King, the Queen, and of Queen Mary.

Beautifully painted in colour.



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The colour illustrations



"Good-bye, Astrella! Good-bye, Perdita!"

they called

The captain followed at a respectful

distance, and soon they reached the

threshold and the latticed gates




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