Seven Happy Days (1913)


To the left is shown the Title Page to the New Year's Supplement of The Studio (1914) introducing the suite of illustrations contributed by Jessie M King for "Seven Happy Days".















King's exquisitely delicate contributions to Seven Happy Days were published in a special New Year's Supplement to both

The Studio and The International Studio magazines in late 1913 (the supplement was actually for the 1914 New Year). Each

full-page colour plate is sumptuously applied with Silver and Gold highlights.


The illustrations accompany lovely quotes from, among others, John Davidson.



The Woodlands Butterflies All Blue



The Sea Voices

The Lambs Play Away

Love's Golden Dream

I Pray You Hear My Song Of A Nest



The Garden




The air a Harp of myriad chords:

Intently murmured overhead

My heart grew great with unsung words -

I followed where the music led



At early Dawn I took my way

My Heart with peals of Gladness rang

Nor could I leave the Woods all day

Because the Birds so sweetly sang


All day she said I feel all day

The Earth dilate beneath my feet

I hear in fancy far away

The tidal heart of Ocean beat


When nests are warm and a mystery broods

In the heart of the World and the heart of the Woods


Down a down in a Hawthorn dell

A boy and a girl and love's delight



Sleep Baby sleep thy Father guards his sheep

Thy Mother rocks the Dreamland Tree

Down falls a little Dream for Thee

Not God in Gardens

When the Eve is cool

Nay but I have a sign

'Tis very sure

God walks in Mine



Piper rest Piper rest

Now a Carol of the Moon

Piper Piper play your best

Melt the Sun into your ... tune