Serge de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe (1916)


Illustrations by Léon Bakst



To the left, we show a copy of Serge de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe,

as illustrated with designs from Léon Bakst and published by

the Metropolitan Ballet Company Inc. (New York) in 1916.


This example retains the original decoratively embossed and

gold-stamped card cover.








On the right, we show the decorated Title Page.



Serge de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe (1916) is a sumptuous souvenir published by the Metropolitan Ballet Company

for the 1916 tour of the Russian company. It is illustrated with many images by Bakst, including the glorious

embossed cover design and the delicate monotone on the title page, 14 costumes from various productions, a

set design from Schéhérazade, and a charcoal illustration depicting Diaghileff himself. In addition, there are

numerous photographs of performers in costume and some interesting examples of vintage advertisements.


The Foreword - providing a most flattering introduction to the tour - follows.


Artistic unity and harmonious cooperation are the keynotes of the Russian Ballet.

It is important to remember that the supreme technical excellence of individual

dancers is the least remarkable element contributing to the sensational success of

M Diaghileff's organization. The art of his famous maître de ballet would lose

half its significant in a commonplace setting, or accompanied by banal music. On

the other hand, to appreciate properly the genius of a Stravinsky, we must be

assisted by the interpretations of the mimes and dancers. The maquettes of the

great decorators, Bakst, Roerich, Anisfeld and the rest, glow like Persian

miniatures on walls, and art connoisseurs are justified in prizing them highly.

But how much more thrilling their work becomes when magnified on an ample

stage! A perfect performance is essential to intensify the values and originality

of these various elements, and it would seem that the Diaghileff Company

alone can give such performances. America is fortunate in being offered a

dazzling repertoire in which every phase of their amazing versatility will be

given full scope.


Serge de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe (1916) also includes introductions to a number of ballets including: 'Le Pavillon

D'Armide'; 'L'Oiseau De Feu'; 'Les Sylphides and Papillons'; 'Le Spectre de la Rose'; 'Narcisse'; 'Schéhérazade';

'Sadko'; 'Thamar'; 'Le Carnaval of Schumann'; 'Prince Igor'; 'Petrouchka'; 'Snégourotchka'; 'Daphne et Chloe';

'L'Après-Midi d'un Faune'; 'Le Dieu Bleu'; and 'Cléopâtre'.


The tour itinerary was extensive, as outlined below.


The itinerary of Serge de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe, which makes its first American

tour this season after six years of consistent success in Europe, starts with two

weeks' engagement at the Century Theatre in New York. The tournée comprises

also performances at the following cities: Boston, Albany, Chicago, Detroit,

Milwaukee, St Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati,

Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Washington, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. The Diaghileff

troupe spends it last four weeks in America at the Metropolitan Opera House,

New York, where it replaces opera during the month of April.



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In the meantime, enjoy perusing the images from Serge de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe (1916).



The cover and title pages designs



Le Dieu Bleu

The Blue God


Unnamed monotone image






The costume illustrations



The Blue Sultana









Le Dieu Bleu







The Peri

L'Après-Midi d'un Faune


L'Après-Midi d'un Faune


Daphnis et Chloe




Valse Noble








The set design








Bakst's charcoal of Diaghileff



Serge de Diaghileff

et sa Vielle Bonne




The featured performers


L'Oiseau de Feu

Xenia Maklezova

Prince Igor

Adolf Bolm

L'Oiseau de Feu

Lubov Tchernichova

and Léonide Massin


Flore Revalles

Léonide Massin


Flore Revalles and Adolf Bolm

Lubov Tchernichova Enrico Cecchetti
Lydia Sokolova and Nicholas Kremneff      



The vintage advertising



Hardman Pianos

The Columbia Grafonola

The American Tobacco Company