The Altar Cup of Aagerup

Illustration by Richard Doyle



This evocative illustration by Doyle is based upon a traditional Danish tale that tells of the capture of a trolls' ceremonial

cup by a farmer's servant.


That tale is described in the following manner by A W Moore in Folklore of the Isle of Man (1891):


One Christmas Eve a farmer's servant in the village borrowed his master's horse and

rode down to see the "troll meeting", and while he was wondering to see how well

and gaily the little dwarfs danced, up came a troll to him and invited him to dismount

and take a share in their merriment. Another troll held his horse, while he went down

and danced with them all night long. As it was drawing near day he mounted his horse

to return home, when a maiden, who held a gold cup in her hand, invited him to

drink the stirrup cup. He took it. but having some suspicion, while he made as if he

was raising the cup to his mouth, threw the contents over his shoulder. He then

clapped spurs into his horse's sides and rode away with the cup in his hands as fast as

the horse could gallop. The trolls set off in full pursuit, and gained on him every

minute. In his distress he prayed to God, and he made a vow that, if he should be

delivered, he would bestow the cup on the Church. As he rode along by the wall of

the church yard he hastily flung the cup over it, that it at least might be secure; and

pushing on at full speed, and just as they were on the point of catching hold of the

horse, he sprang in through the farmer's gate and closed the wicket after him. Thus

was he saved, and the cup was presented to the Church.




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