Princess Badoura (1913)

Illustrated by Edmund Dulac



A rare copy of Princess Badoura (as retold by Laurence Housman) produced by Hodder & Stoughton (London) in 1913. Printing for this 1st Edition was undertaken by T and A Constable (Printers to His Majesty) at the Edinburgh University Press.



On the left, we show a copy with the

original decorative green and gilt-stamped

cream cloth cover.




To the right, we show the decorative

Title Page prepared by Dulac.


Princess Badoura is one of Laurence Housman's retelling of a classic tale attributed to Scheherezade - daughter of the

Grand Vizier to Sultan Shahriar (and also wife to the Sultan). Within this tale, Housman transmits the story of Badoura,

who rules in her husband's stead while he undertakes a series of adventures. Upon his return, Badoura consents to her

Prince taking another wife.


Dulac's images mix Oriental and Orientalist influences to create a gorgeous suite of illustrations.



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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Edmund Dulac.



The colour illustrations


Princess Badoura


Dahnash and Meymooneh

As she rose up through clouds there

passed one she knew by his tail

to be Dahnash

The King of China and Badoura

The King came in hast, and found that

which till now he had only pretended,

concerning his daughter, apparently

come true



Camaralzaman and an Astrologer

At last the King heard him, and said

to the Vizier, "Go down and bring

the Astrologer in"

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Camaralzaman Cures Badoura

She ran forth, and threw herself into the

arms of Camaralzaman

Camaralzaman Finds the Talisman

The Prince saw the girdle, and knotted

within its folds, a large stone

Prince Camaralzaman and the Birds

In the leaves overhead he saw one

furiously attacking another with beak

and claw



Badoura Watching the Ship

It so happened as the ship came into the

harbour, Badoura was looking out

towards the sea

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Capture of Camaralzaman

The captain of the ship goes to capture

Camaralzaman at the command of Badoura



The Final Marriage Procession


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