''Prince Ivan and the Chestnut Horse''

Illustration by Edmund Dulac



The subject of this illustration is derived from a Russian fairytale that Dulac first addressed earlier in his career for the suite

appearing in Edmund Dulac's Fairy-Book (1916). In particular, it shows Ivan's response to the following proclamation

delivered by the King's messenger:


All and every man, woman and child, take notice, in the name of the King. It is the

King's will that this proclamation be cried abroad in every town and village where his

subjects dwell. The King's daughter, Princess Helena the Fair, has caused to be built

for herself a shrine having twelve pillars and twelve rows of beams. And she sits there

upon a high throne till the time when the bridegroom of her choice rides by. And this

is how she shall know him: with one leap of his steed he reaches the height of the

tower, and, in passing, his lips press those of the Princess as she bends from her throne.

Wherefore the King has ordered this to be proclaimed throughout the length and

breadth of the land, for if any deems himself able so to reach the lips of the Princess

and win her, let him try. In the name of the King I have said it!


Dulac's illustration is associated with the description of the third of Ivan's leaps to the Princess, described as follows:


Again the chestnut steed rose to the leap, and, this time, the lips of Ivan met those of

the Princess in a long sweet kiss, for the chestnut horse seemed to linger in the air at

the top of its leap while that kiss endured.



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