Plate 75

"Behold the Lamb of God!"


Moriae Encomium

Illustrated by Hans Holbein the Younger




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Holbein's illustration shown in Plate 75 from Moriae Encomium is associated with the following text drawn from

John Wilson's 1668 translation:


Add to this that in Scripture there is frequent mention of harts, hinds, and lambs; and such as

are destined to eternal life are called sheep, than which creature there is not anything more

foolish, if we may believe that proverb of Aristotle "sheepish manners," which he tells us is

taken from the foolishness of that creature and is used to be applied to dull-headed people

and lack-wits. And yet Christ professes to be the shepherd of this flock and is himself delighted

with the name of a lamb; according to Saint John, "Behold the Lamb of God!" Of which also

there is much mention in the Revelation. And what does all this drive at, but that all mankind

are fools--nay, even the very best?



The associated French text from L'Eloge de la Folie (1728) follows:


Or rien n'est si sot que cette bête-là; & anciennement, on donnoit par mépris, & par injure,

son nom aux gens stupides & grossiers. Dans cette comparaison, néanmoins, des Elus avec

les Ouailles, Jesus-Christ fait gloire du titre de Berger. ll aime aussi beaucoup celiu d'Agneau:

Jean Baptiste le fit connoitre sous ce nom-là: Voici l'Agneau de Dieu; & c'est aussi fous cette

figure qu'il est représenté le plus souvent dans les Visions sacrées de l'Apocalypse.