Plate 51

"'Tis their only care that none of them come near

another in their manner of living"


Moriae Encomium

Illustrated by Hans Holbein the Younger




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Holbein's illustration shown in Plate 51 from Moriae Encomium is associated with the following text drawn from

John Wilson's 1668 translation:


In a word, 'tis their only care that none of them come near one another in their manner of

living, nor do they endeavor how they may be like Christ, but how they may differ among




The associated French text from L'Eloge de la Folie (1728) follows:


Ils n'épargnent pas leurs cinq sens de nature pour les femmes & les vin. Ensin, vous ne sauriez

croire combien ils s'étudient à se distinguer en tout les uns de autres. Imiter Jesus-Christ? c'es

de quoi ils se soucient le moins.