Plate 17

The Fairy Circus (1931)


Illustrated by Dorothy Lathrop



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Appearing as the ninth major monotone illustration plate within Lathrop's The Fairy Circus (1931), this image is

associated with the following text:


Have you ever felt sorry for the lions in the circus, and thought that, if you

were a lion or a tiger, you would eat the trainer right up? Perhaps the squirrels,

too, were sorry for them - or perhaps they were only playing. But one squirrel

crept up behind the fairy, while the ones on the toadstools switched their tails

and got their hind legs ready to spring. Then all together, with terrible growls,

they lunged at the fairy. He rocketed upward, right over the bars of the cage!

What would have happened if he hadn't? All the other fairies, too, took to

their wings.