The Odyssey of Homer (1929)


Illustrated by Newell Convers (N C) Wyeth



On the left, we show detail from the illustrated cover for

The Odyssey of Homer (1929) - as illustrated by Wyeth and

published by Houghton Mifflin Company (Cambridge).










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Title Page to this 1st Edition.


The Odyssey of Homer (1929) is based on a late-19th Century translation undertaken by George Herbert Palmer. In his

Preface to the translation, Palmer provides some background to his work thus:


In this translation of the Odyssey I have had the following aims:-


To give to the thought of Homer a more direct and simple expression than has hitherto been

judged admissible; to be at once minutely faithful to the Greek original and to keep out of

sight the fact that either an original or a translator exists; to present especially the objective,

unreflective, realistic and non-literary features of the primitive story; to report in all their

delicacy the events which Homer reports, to exhibit his attitude of mind toward them, and

to produce again the impression produced by him that things did happen just so; in the

wording, to discard originality and to make free use of the fortunate phrases of preceding

translators; but to employ persistently the vivacious language, the language of prose, rather

than the dream language, the language of poetry; and still to confess that the story,

illuminated with an underglow of joy; to mark gently this permeating joy by a simple rhythm,

a rhythm so unobtrusive and so free from systematic arrangement that no one need turn

from the matter to mark the movement; above all, to discharge a debt or gratitude to the

great friend who for twenty-five years has been showing me the beauty of himself and of

the world; and finally, to make it plain that I cannot attain these aims, and to commend

them to others as alluring and impossible.


The suite of illustrations prepared by Wyeth for The Odyssey of Homer capture the magic and mythic elements of Homer's

classic tale to great effect.



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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Wyeth.



The colour illustrations


The Mourning Penelope


Telemachus in the Chariot of Nestor



Proteus, the Old Man of the Sea




Odysseus and Calypso



The Raft of Odysseus



Polyphemus, the Cyclops

Circe and the Swine



Odysseus in the Land of the Dead



The Sirens



Eumaeus, the Swineherd

The Beggars Fight




The Boar Hunt



The Trial of the Bow

The Slaughter of the Suitors



Odysseus and Penelope Reunited









The monotone illustrations


End Papers

(Presented as a Diptych)



Title Page Illustration