Robin Hood (1917)


Illustrated by Newell Convers (N C) Wyeth



On the left, we show detail from the illustrated cover for

Robin Hood (1917) - as illustrated by Wyeth and

published by David McKay (Philadelphia).










To the right, we show the illustrated

Title Page prepared by Wyeth.


Robin Hood (1917) was based on the classic medieval tale of Robin Hood, his band of followers and their adventures whilst

opposing the new Norman authorities - as represented by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his supporters.


For his illustrated version of this tale, Wyeth produced a wonderful suite of illustrations full of colour and detail that are

truly inspirational.



Our Greeting Cards and Reproduction Images


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When presented on Greeting Cards, these images are prepared as tipped-on plates - in hommage to the hand-crafted approach

typical of prestige illustrated publications produced in the early decades of the 20th Century.


Hand-finishing is used to replicate the visual appearance of a tipped-on plate and the images are presented on Ivory card

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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Wyeth.



The colour illustrations


Cover Illustration

End Papers


(Presented as a Diptych)



Title Page




Robin and His Mother Go

to Nottingham Fair


The road wound in and about the forest,

and at noon they came to a part where

the trees night shut out the sky



Robin Wrestles Will Stuteley

at Gamewell


"Catch him by the middle," he shouted.

"Now you have him, lording, fairly.

Throw him prettily!" And sure enough

Stutely came down



Robin Meets Maid Marian


But Robin, venturing all, drew nigh.

He came to the edge of her box, and

began to speak

Robin Hood and His Companions

Lend Aid to Will o' th' Green


Their arrows flew together, marvellous

shots, each finding its prey


Little John Fights with the Cook

in the Sheriff's House


At last he made a dart upon Roger and

the chase grew furious. Dishes, plates,

covers, pots and pans - all that came in

the way of them went flying



Robin Hood Defeats Nat of

Nottingham at Quarter-Staff


The beggar dealt his foe a back-thrust

so neatly, so heartily, and so swiftly

that Nat was swept off the stage into

the crowd as a fly off a table


Little John Sings a Song

at the Banquet


That evening, whilst Monceux raged

and stormed without, they all sat to

a great feast

The Passing of Robin Hood


Leaning heavily against Little John's

sobbing breast, Robin Hood flew his

last arrow out through the window,

far away into the deep green of trees