The Dream Garden


Illustrated by Maxfield Parrish






A pair of reproductions on 12x18" sheets

Code: MP DG1|2 12x18
Price: US$120.00



Presented as a Diptych







Maxfield Parrish's "The Dream Garden" was a preparatory painting upon which the design and installation of a monumental mosaic (measuring some 15' x 49') was to be based - the glass for the mosaic to be commissioned from Tiffany.


The design for the Parrish painting upon which the mosaic would be based was drawn from the desires he had for his own garden installed at his summer home, The Oaks. In what is clearly a very personal illustration, Parrish has composed a wonderful fantasy view. It has even been suggested that the commedia dell'arte masks to the foreground of the illustration are a for of self-portrait.



On the right, we show detail from the illustration with one of the

commedia dell'arte masks appearing in "The Dream Garden"