Many Wings (1923)

Illustration by Dugald Stewart Walker



To the left is shown a rare copy of Many Wings

by Isabel Fiske Conant - with a frontispiece by

Dugald Walker - as published by B J Brimmer

Company (Boston) in 1923.


This copy shows the original unassuming

black-stamped board cover.







On the right is the Title Page.


Many Wings is an anthology of poetic works prepared by Isabel Fiske Conant who was a poet and author active in the

first decades of the 20th Century.


The frontispiece contributed by Walker to Many Wings is a superb example of his highly detailed monotone work. This

wonderful piece of art is associated with the following poem, carrying the title of the anthology, Many Wings:


Many wings are beating

Into the wind.

To their adventure

Earth, sea, be kind!


Dream-plumed, for voyaging,

One after one,

Into star-weather,

Out past the sun.


Wind-thrilled between worlds,

Spreads their desire ...

Be kind to many wings,

Air, water, fire!



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