"Le Chat Botté" (1913)

("Puss in Boots")


The Christmas Edition of The Illustrated London News (1913)


Illustration by Kay Nielsen



When first published in the Christmas Edition of The Illustrated London News, this image was associated with the

following text:


A miller, at his death, left to his eldest son his mill, to the second his ass, and to the

youngest his cat. The third son was bewailing his lot when the cat said: "Only give me

a sack, and a pair of boots for going in the brambles, and you will see that you are

not so badly provided for." Having trapped a rabbit in his sack, the cat presented it to

the King from his master, "The Marquis of Carabas." From time to time he took the

King other gifts of game. One day, hearing that his Majesty would go a-driving with

his daughter by a river, Puss bade his master go bathe in the stream, and when the

King drove by, cried out, "Help! Help! the Marquis of Carabas is drowning!" The King

sent his servants to save him while the cat declared that thieves had stolen his master's

clothes, so his Majesty had some of his own brought for the Marquis to put on. He

looked so brave in them that the princess fell in love with him, and he with her. The

cat ran on before the carriage, telling all the peasants reaping that, if they did not say

that the land belonged to the Marquis of Carabas, they would be cut to pieces. So

when the King inquired, that all replied, "To the Marquis of Carabas, your Majesty."

At length the Cat came to a great castle where dwelt an ogre, the real owner of those

domains. "I am told," said the Cat to the Ogre, "that you can change into all kind of

animals." Thereupon the Ogre became a lion, and Puss though sore afraid, remarked:

"I can scarce believe that you could also change into the smallest animals, such as a rat

or a mouse." Straightway the Ogre became a mouse, whereon Puss pounced upon him

and devoured him. When the King arrived, Puss welcomed him to the castle of the

Marquis of Carabas. His Majesty presently asked the Marquis to come his son-in-law,

and so the miller's youngest son married the Princess that very day.




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