"Le Belle au Bois Dormant" (1913)

("Sleeping Beauty")


The Christmas Edition of The Illustrated London News (1913)


Illustration by Kay Nielsen



When first published in the Christmas Edition of The Illustrated London News, this image was associated with the

following text:


A King and Queen, long childless, to their sorrow, rejoiced greatly when at last a

daughter was born to them. Seven fairies stood sponsor at her baptism, but there

appeared also an old fairy, unbidden, for all believed her dead or bewitched. She,

deeming herself slighted, after six Fairies had bestowed good gifts on the child,

declared that the Princess should prick her hand with a spindle and die. Now the

seventh Fairy, foreseeing this malicious intent, had waited to the end to make her

own gift, and pronounced that the maiden should not die, but sleep for a hundred

years. The King proclaimed that none should spin in his kingdom, nor possess a

spindle. But when the Princess was about sixteen years old, in a turret of a certain

castle she chanced upon an ancient dame who sat and span, having never heard

the King's command. The Princess took the spindle, and, pricking herself therewith,

fell into a trance. Seeing the doom was fulfilled, the King bade them lay the Princess

on a fair bed, with raiment of gold and silver. The good Fairy came, at his behest,

and touched with her wand all that were in the castle, and made great trees grow

up about it. After a hundred years, the son of the King then reigning, who was of

another family than that of the Princess, one day while hunting perceived the thick

and lofty wood. From an ancient henchman he learned that in a castle within that

wood lay the loveliest Princess in the world, doomed to sleep for a hundred years

until wakened by a King's son. Then the Prince entered the wood, where none

before him had been able to go, and coming to the castle, found the chamber

where the Princess lay. He knelt and kissed her and the charm was ended. She

awoke, and with her the whole court, and, after they had partaken of a banquet,

the Prince and Princess were wedded in the castle chapel.




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