The Art of John Bauer


John Bauer (1882-1918) was a Swedish artists associated with the Golden Age of Illustration.


The John Bauer Collection at Spirit of the Ages includes art images from some of Bauer's seminal work. As a valuable reference resource, options are also provided for purchasing a range of gifts, including reproduction prints, posters and greeting cards.


Bauer was born in Jönköping and showed artistic talent from an early age. When he was 16, he left home to study art in Stokholm and within two years, he was attending the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts.


His first major commission was established in 1904 and a suite of images arising from the commission was later published in Lappland: Det Stora Svenska Framtidslandet - En skildring i ord och bild af dess natur och folk.


Three years later, Bauer began work on a suite of images that was to be the first in a series for which he would gain lasting fame - they were to be the first colour and monotone suite


Above, we show a vintage

photograph of John Bauer

for Bland Tomtar Och Troll (a Swedish publication first published for Christmas in 1907). Bauer continued as the sole

contributor to the annual Bland Tomtar Och Troll until his final suite of illustrations published in the 1915 edition.


In addition to the wonderful work within the first 9 editions of Bland Tomtar Och Troll, Bauer pursued his artistic interests

through other projects including a number of monumental frescos, authoring fairytale plays for children and composing a

libretto for Bergakungen.


Bauer died in a ferry disaster in 1918, but he was to leave a significant artistic legacy with clear influences being noted in

the work of Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen and Willy Pogány, in addition to modern illustrators.


We invite you to take the time to peruse the wonderful artwork from John Bauer that is included in the Collection -

to view images from any one of Bauer's suites or images listed below, simply 'click' on the hyperlinks embedded within

the titles and the images.





Bland Tomtar Och Troll 4

18 colour images

Bland Tomtar Och Troll 9

12 colour images

Out in the Wide World

1 colour image

The Princess in the Forest

1 colour image



The Troll Woman and

the Royal Children

1 colour image

Vill - Vallareman

1 colour image

The Sea King's Queen

1 colour image


1 colour image



The Knight's Ride

1 colour image


1 colour image