The Art of Ivan Bilibin



Ivan Bilibin (1876-1942) is a Russian artist associated with the Golden Age of Illustration.


The Ivan Bilibin Collection at Spirit of the Ages includes art images from some of

Bilibin's seminal work. As a valuable reference resource, options are also provided for

purchasing a range of gifts, including reproduction prints, posters and greeting cards.


Throughout his long career, Bilibin was influenced by Slavic folklore in choosing themes

to illustrate - on one occasion, he published his thoughts on the matter in Folk Arts of the Russian North (1904).


Bilibin was a member of Sergei Diaghilev's Mir iskusstva (World of Art) group and, in addition to illustrating books, also contributed to designs for the theatre.


We invite you to take the time to peruse the wonderful artwork from Ivan Bilibin that is included in the Collection - to view images from any one of Bilibin's suites or paintings listed below, simply 'click' on the hyperlinks embedded within the titles and the



Above, we show a vintage

photograph of Ivan Bilibin




(Russian Folk Tales)

12 images

Saints Boris and Gleb on a Boat

1 image

Dobrynia Nikitich frees

Zabava Putiatichna from

Gorynych the Dragon

1 image

Ilya Muromets and

Nightingale the Robber

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Ilya Muromets and Yegor-Svyatogor

1 image

Prince Igor

1 image

The Tale of Igor's Campaign

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