The Tale of Igor's Campaign

Illustration by Ivan Bilibin



In this vibrant illustration, Bilibin depicts a scene from the epic medieval Slavic poem, 'The Tale of Igor's Campaign'.


The tale has been tentatively dated to the end of the 12th Century and appears to be based on a failed raid conducted

by Prince Igor Svyatoslavich (Prince of Novgorod-Seversk) against the Polovtsians living in the southern part of the Don

region in 1185. Christian and Pagan motifs are present throughout the tale, as are vivid descriptions of the natural

environment and the role it plays in influencing human lives. A number of historical figures are mentioned in the epic

tale, including the bard Boyan, the princes Vseslav of Polotsk, Yaroslav Osmomysl of Halych and Vsevolod the Big Nest

of Suzdal. A pervasive theme through the work is the need for unity among the warring Rus princes in the face of

ongoing threat from the Turkic East.


This classic tale was adapted by Aleksandr Borodin into an Opera entitled simply, 'Prince Igor'.



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