Skazki (1900-1903)

(Russian Folk Tales)


Illustrated by Ivan Bilibin



On the left, we show an example of the series of Skazki carrying illustrations

from Ivan Bilibin.


This example retains the original illustrated paper cover.










Published originally as a series, Skazki carried the illustrations of Ivan Bilibin just after the turn of the 20th Century.


In 1911, Post Wheeler (Chargé d'Affaires to the American Embassy in St Petersburg) made the following comments in

relation to the the collection of tales illustrated by Bilibin:


To the casual eye the skazki, aside from their unfamiliar nomenclature, do not seem to differ

greatly from the tales of other peoples. The wild and wonderful machinery has all the artifices

which belong to the mass of folk-lore owned in common by the Indo-European group of

nations. Here, however, the superficial resemblance in great measure ceases. It is seen that the

true "fairy" element does not predominate. Not only are the relations between man and the

spiritual world different, but that spiritual world itself is less familiar. The field of the skazki is

not as much fairy-land as a natural wonderland, approaching in it variety and gorgeousness

of surprise the Empire of the "Thousand Nights and a Night".


Wheeler also provided the following wonderful comment on Bilibin's illustrations:


No decorative artist in Russia has so allied himself with the movement which has brought again

into familiar use the striking and characteristic conventions of Russian art of the Middle Ages;

and it may be said that in no way has he more endeared himself to the Russian people than by

the exquisite simplicity of method and fine appreciation of artistic values which he has brought

to his treatment of the skazki. In these pictures he has made the old myths glow again in the

modern wonder tales which are so fresh and fair a part of the youth of the Rissian child,

bequeathed to him from that magical past and that enchanted land the memories of whose

marvels moved Pushkin's pencil when he wrote:


"There is the Russian soul! The very odour of Russia!

There have I also been, and it honied drink have quaffed!

I saw the green oak-tree beside the blue sea-ocean;

Beneath it I sat me down, to list while the learned cat

Told me its stories!"



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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Ivan Bilibin.



The colour illustrations


The Frog-Tzarevna

A White Mare which could Fly like the Wind




Tzar Saltan

He saw through the Window Three Lovely Damsels

Wassilissa the Beautiful

Wassilissa put the Skull on the End of

a Stick and darted away through the




The Little Humpbacked Horse

He came to the Presence of the Tzar and told

him of them

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Reproduction on 12x18" sheet

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Reproduction on 12x18" sheet

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Tzarevich Ivan, the Glowing Bird

and the Grey Wolf

And so they went on together to the

Tzardom of Tzar Dolmat



Maria Morevna

A bird woke him by Pecking at his Sleeve

Martin the Peasant's Son

So they dwelt together in Happiness always

The Feather of Finist the Falcon

She came to the Blue Sea-Ocean ...

and beside it she saw a Palace

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Reproduction on 12x18" sheet

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Bade them build a Square Tower ... and

shutting her within it ... surrounded it

with Soldiers and with Ships



Little Bear's-Son

The Baba-Yaga came riding in her Mortar,

driving with the Pestle and sweeping away

her Trail with the Kitchen-broom


Wassily the Unlucky

The Vessel which carried him ... cast

Anchor at the Monastery

Tzarevich Peter and the Wizard


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