Ilya Muromets and Yegor-Svyatogor

Illustration by Ivan Bilibin



In this sumptuous illustration, Bilibin depicts a scene from the bylina (Russian oral tradition) known as 'Ilya Murumets

and Svyatogor'.


Yegor-Svyatogor, like Ilya Muromets, is a mythical bogatyr (medieval Knight of the Kievan Rus).


The tale tells of how Ilya set off to challenge Svyatogor soon after being made a bogatyr by Prince Vladimir the Fair Sun.

Despite warnings from pilgrims, Ilya is determined to meet Svyatogor and, on the road, he finds a giant asleep on a giant

horse. Striking at the giant with his mace, Ilya only manages to be caught and put in the giant's pocket - all while the

giant remains asleep. Upon the giant waking, Ilya introduces himself and learns that his captor is Svyatogor. The two

become friends and journey onwards together before they arrive at a giant stone coffin (both have a premonition that

it is for Svyatogor). The premonitions come true, but before being sealed in the coffin for eternity, Svyatogor passes part

of his strength to Ilya through his final breath.



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