Go! Champions of Light (1933)

Designs by Dugald Stewart Walker



To the left is shown a rare copy of Go! Champions of Light by

Frances Jenkins Olcott - illustrated by Dugald Walker - as published

by Fleming H Revell (New York) in 1933.


This copy shows the original decoratively black and red-stamped

blue cloth cover.








On the right is the Title Page.


Go! Champions of Light is a collection of tales by Frances Jenkins Olcott purporting to chronicle various adventures

undertaken by those spreading the word of God. His introduction to the tales provides a background to the work,



From the dreamy coral isles of the Pacific, romance beckons. India the golden calls the imagination.

Persia, Kurdistan, and Iraq suggest the colourful Orient. This is the background against which the

Champions of Light move, as they go about their noble and heroic errands.


Knights of the Cross they are, who capture without arms strange worlds for their Great Leader, "the

Light of the World," who has said to them, Go! And they have gone over seas and deserts, over

mountains and plains, through floods and through fire to the ends of the earth. Behind the romance,

the golden promises, the colourful East, they have found foul evils lurking, many of which they have

driven out. They have started movements for human liberty, have rescued women from slavery,

children from slaughter, and have called to crouching men and bidden them hold up their heads and

be free. They have saved lost souls. They have changed civilizations.


They are Greathearts, or St Georges armed to conquer the dragon, their banner the Cross, their shield

and lance the Book of God in their native tongues. Into more than nine hundred languages and

dialects that Book has been translated and is being distributed to the world. Statistics show it to be the

most popular book in the world.


Like pictures on the silver screen here are shown the glamorous panorama of Ancient Assyria leading

up to the the greatest of evangelical movements Eastward, even to Chine. Follows after that, the

adventures in India the ancient and golden of a Champion of Light who moved a civilization. Then

come two groups of stories telling of achievements and heroism in bright coral islands and atolls,

after Captain Cook had opened them up to the West.


Many dragons have fled before the lances of Light - human sacrifice, slaughter of babies, burning of

widows, strangling of women, devouring of human flesh, head hunting and grossness. Twenty years

after the Champions of Light first carried their bloodless warfare into the savage isles of the Pacific,

Charles Darwin, visiting them, wrote that the killing of children, idol-worship, human sacrifice and

other evils had nearly disappeared, and he added,


"In a voyager to forget these things, is base ingratitude. For should

he chance to be at the point of shipwreck on some unknown coast,

he will most devoutly pray that the lesson of the missionary may

have extended thus far."


No finer model for noble practice living can be held up to young people and children than the

Champion of Light. Even in these modern days, boys and girls are idealists, their instinct for chivalry,

romance and adventure leaping up like a flame in the presence of beauty and nobility.


A recent experiment in children's reading, made by the present writer, proved that modern

efficiency-training has not strangled the hunger for romance and chivalry. Very recently, for about

three years, I was associate director and organizer of a children's free city-library on entirely new

lines. It was a laboratory for a fresh experimentation, in which the children themselves took part.


The library was open to the neighbourhood. Children of many races and creeds used it freely as their

own. And their own it was, for the children served as the librarians under the direction of the Boy

Scouts and Girl Scouts. The children helped to keep the shelves in order, recommended reading to

one another, and charged and gave out the books rapidly with an accuracy due to modern school

training. They were efficiency itself.


We, the directors, learned much by quietly watching and listening, which is a most practical

laboratory method in the study of children. Their natural tastes had not be smothered by modern

materialism. There was an eager call for romance and chivalry and for books of flaming true



So for the modern boys and girls who crave the ideal that is also fact, Go! Champions of Light has

been written. And fact it is, not fiction at all; for the details are based on authoritative sources, the

folk customs are true ones, and the geographical environment is drawn to place, and the history

to time.


And the grown-up who will read aloud the stories, or a selection from them, laying the book aside

to be caught up by the young readers wanting to finish it, may be developing future Champions of

Light to carry afar the banner of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Walker's illustrations for Go! Champions of Light were among the last suites he prepared that were destined for publication.

As always, they are masterful - and an absolute joy to consider.



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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Dugald Walker.



The major illustrations


Starlight in the East

Song of the Magi



Starlight in the East

The Gorgeous East

In India Golden and Ancient

Song of the Little Hindu Widow 

In India Golden and Ancient

The Shoemaker Boy

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Reproduction on 12x18'' sheet

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Pearls of Price in Tropical Seas

Song of the Children of the Isles 

Pearls of Price in Tropical Seas

Coley Patteson

Pearls of Price in Tropic Seas

My Bauro Boys

The Chief came, holding a bright branch of welcome




Isles of the Sea

Song of the Children's Ship, the "Morning Star"

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Isles of the Sea

Ship Ahoy with Captain Cook 





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The monotone End Papers



End Paper


(Presented as a diptych)




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