''The Elfin Route made Visible by the Four-Leaved Clover''

Illustration by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale



This magical illustration from Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale was published in the 1924 Christmas Edition of The London

Illustrated News.


It depicts the moment where the mystical meadow's treasure - the four-leaved clover - is found to be the key to Fairyland.


The introduction to the legend provided in The London Illustrated News follows:


Many are the legends which are entwined about the Four-Leaved Clover, that wonderful luck-bringing meadowland treasure; and the old country tale runs that those who find it and keep their discovery a secret may use it as the gat to Fairyland. He or she who hold a

four-leaved clover may behold the high pomp and state of the Little People, and see the elfin rout of brownies, goblins, fairies, and the like go riding by on the soft summer breeze, and be transported into the strange intermediate world of Fairyland.



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