Ecce Homo

From the Engraved Passion

Illustrated by Albrecht Dürer



This illustration was prepared as one of 16 images completing Dürer's Engraved Passion series (Ecce Homo being the

8th of the set). It depicts the moment from Christ's life in which Pontius Pilate is said to have presented Jesus (scourged,

bound and wearing a crown of thorns) to a hostile crowd before his Crucifixion - in presenting Christ to the mob,

Pilate is said to have announced, "Ecce Homo" ("Behold the Man").


Strauss (The Complete Engravings, Etching and Drypoints of Albrecht Durer: Dover Publications, New York; 1972) makes

the following comment about the illustration:


The concept as pictured in The Large Woodcut Passion has here been brought to its

ultimate conclusion. Two opposites are here presented with the greatest economy

and limitation. Suffering is contrasted with compassion. Although the expression of

suffering is subdued, it is unmistakable. The uninterrupted contour of the stoic

observer is likewise characteristic and striking in expressing the contrast of feeling.

The public, in the background is barely show, but its presence is felt.


Giorgio Vasari (Lives of the Artists, 1568) referred to this series of illustrations as "the ultimate in perfection and quality

attainable in the medium as regards beauty, variety of vestments and composition". Centuries later, Dürer's superbly

rendered illustrations continue to inspire praise - Panofsky (The life and art of Albrecht Durer: Princeton University

Press; 1945), for example makes the following comment:


... it has something sumptuous about it. It stresses spiritual suffering rather than physical

torture and never loses sight of the preterhuman dignity of Christ".


As is typical of Dürer's engravings, the execution of the illustration is exquisitely rendered (the superb detail extends

to the armaments carried by those in the mob - including a rare depiction of a "bollock" dagger).




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Some details from the illustration


Christ Pilate A detail showing a "bollock" dagger