Dewdrops from Fairyland (1912)

Illustrated by Duncan Carse



A rare copy of Lucy M Scott's Dewdrops from Fairyland - illustrated by Carse and published by Frederick Warne & Co (London and New York) in 1912.

Printing was undertaken by Billing and Sons Ltd (Guildford).




To the left, we show an example with the original

navy- and gilt-decorated blue cloth cover.


On the right, we show Title Page

decorated by Carse.


Dewdrops from Fairyland is a collection of stories purportedly written by Lucy M Scott while she was aged between nine and ten.


The short introduction provides an assurance to that effect from her parents, Major General Douglas A Scott and May Scott (a delightful Edwardian-period touch):


These stories were written by our little daughter Lucy between the ages of

nine and ten.


She has produced them from time to time, entirely unaided. As the interest

of the book so much depends upon its authenticity, we have been asked to five this assurance to the public.


To the right, we show the introduction

and assurance provided by Lucy's parents.


Those stories include: "Silver Wings' Visit to Earth"; "Tiger-Lily Sprite"; "The Last Bee of Summer"; "The Immortal Baby";

"The Witch and the Goblin"; "When the Sun and Moon met"; "The First Rose Beetle"; "A Blackberry Tale"; and

"Mrs Nightingale's Evening Party".


Carse has produced a wonderful suite of colour and monotone illustrations to accompany the tales written by Scott.



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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Duncan Carse.



The colour illustrations



Oh, what did she see?

Tiger-Lily Sprite

A beautiful golden gate seemed

to form in the sky



The Last Bee of Summer

That's what comes of working so much

The Immortal Baby

Playing with the little green crabs

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The Witch and the Goblin

The head of a tutor and the

hair of a governess



When the Sun and the Moon met

A pale yellow round ball floated

from behind a cloud

The First Rose Beetle

At the Flower Show they were

much praised

A Blackberry Tale

Oh, bother the wind! I can't reach

these blackberries

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Mrs Nightingale's Evening Party

"But how are we to get

there?" asked Peterkin




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