Immortal 'Falias of the North'

Daphne Allen



This evocative illustration from Daphne Allen was exhibited at the Burlington Gallery in May 1937.


It was among a series of illustrations inspired by Gaelic legends. In this particular image, Allen has depicted one of the

four immortal cities at corners of the World - Falias of the North.


Falias of the North was a legendary crystal city of ice-green spires. Finias of the South was golden and flame-lit, Gorias

of the East was a city of gold and gems and Murias of the West was the city beyond the sunset. The immortals dwelling

in these cities were the Tuatha de Danaan (people of the Goddess Dana, the Earth Mother). They brought to Earth four

treasures including the Stone of Destiny (said to be the same that until recently was in the Coronation Chair at Westminster



The Tuatha De Danaan (otherwise known as the Shee), were akin to the Gods and dwelt in Ireland and Scotland for many

years until the coming of the first Gaels, the Milesians. The Milesians, in turn, ruled the land and won the mystic Stone of

Destiny. The first of the mortal kings of Ireland - and later Scotland - were crowned upon the Stone and from the it came

direct to the present.


This Gaelic legend relating to the Stone of Scone differs significantly from the traditional Christian version, wherein the

Stone is identified with that on which Jacob rested his head at Bethel.



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