"Cendrillon" (1913)



The Christmas Edition of The Illustrated London News (1913)


Illustration by Kay Nielsen



When first published in the Christmas Edition of The Illustrated London News, this image was associated with the

following text:


A man once took as his second wife a proud woman, who had two daughters of a

like disposition. He himself had one young daughter, who was sweet and kind, as

her mother had been. The stepmother gave her all the vilest tasks of the house,

while her step-sisters lived in luxury, but the poor child endured it all patiently. When

her work was done she would sit among the cinders on the hearth: so she was called

Cendrillon. One day the King's son invited the two sisters to a ball. Cendrillon helped

them dress, and did their hair, but when they had gone she wept. Her godmother,

who was a Fairy, finding her in tears, bade her bring a pumpkin from the garden, six

lizards, and six mice and a rat from the traps. The pumpkin she changed into a gilded

coach, the rat into a coachman, the lizards into lacqueys, and the mice into six grey

horses. Cendrillon's ragged clothes became robes of silver and gold, flashing with

jewels, and her godmother also gave her two dear little glass slippers. She warned her

not to stay at the ball beyond midnight, else all would change back into their former

shapes. The King's son was charmed with Cendrillon, but before midnight she

disappeared, so the next evening he gave another ball. As the clock began striking

midnight she suddenly fled from the palace, losing one of her glass slippers as she ran.

The Prince proclaimed that he would marry the maiden on whose foot it fit perfectly.

When the heralds came to Cendrillon's home her sisters mocked when she asked to

put it on, but it fitted her foot exactly, and they she produced its fellow from her

pocket. Just then her godmother arrived, and changed her rags into a dress more

splendid than before. Her sisters recognised with amazement the lovely Princess who

was at the ball. Cendrillon forgave them, and when she married the Prince she

brought them to the palace and found them husbands in two noble couriers.




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