Aucassin & Nicolette (1916)

Illustrated by Evelyn Paul and Main R Bocher





On the left, we show a rare copy of Aucassin & Nicolete produced by

George Harrap & Co. (London) in 1917.


This copy shows the original leather binding with exquisite Art Nouveau

influences, including reinforcing metal studs and a bas-relief illustration

inset between blind stamped title lettering.


Translated by Michael West, this edition includes illustrations by Main R Bocher,

music score by Horace Mansion and profuse decorations by Evelyn Paul.


Main R Bocher (1891-1977) is most famous for his fashion design. He remained

in Paris after serving with the armed forces during World War I and later

became editor of French Vogue. In 1930, he established the Mainbocher salon

and his simple, subtle couture designs continued to influence modern fashion

for the best part of the following half century. Mainbocher's creations graced

Wallis Warfield Simpson at her marriage to the Duke of Windsor.



Evelyn Paul's illumination of West's introduction prepares the reader for the tale in the most exquisite fashion.

West introduces the chantefable thus:

This is of the love of Aucassin and Nicolete.

It is the fairest story that was ever told.

It was made in French language, but I have set it into English because it is so sweet and because it telleth of Love - for God loveth them that Love each other.

C'est d'Aucasin et de Nicolete

Illumination by Evelyn Paul






Aucassin & Nicolete represents the sole surviving example of a chantefable - a sung story - from what was once

a popular literary genre.


The major characters of the tale are: Garin, Count of Beaucaire; his son, Aucassin; and Nicolete, a Saracen

slave girl.


From the chanson de geste, the author borrows the themes of Christian knighthood and feudal warfare and

combines themes from the courtly romance traditions such as the well known plot device of star-crossed love

between a young Christian and Saracen. The tale establishes the desperate desire for Aucassin and Nicolete to

marry, only for their wishes to be undermined by the determination of Garin who forbids their union and

imprisons the lovers. In time, both escape and experience a series of romantic and farcical adventures before

Nicolete is revealed to be a Saracen princess of the noblest ancestry and the tale is resolved.


Some critics have characterised the story as something of a satire on epic, romance or saint's life genres, but

often the tale seems interested only in comedy for comedy's sake - as a pleasing entertainment for those who

read the story or who may see it performed. The verse portions - which were meant to be sung - may be

considered more skillfully constructed than the prose sections, but it remains a delightful distraction.


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In the meantime, enjoy perusing these wonderful images from Evelyn Paul and Main R Bocher.



The colour illustrations