Adam and Eve

Illustrated by Albrecht Dürer



This image is understood to have been prepared in, or about, 1504.


Knackfuss (Durer: H Grevel & Co, London; 1900) describes the illustration thus:


The first engraving carried out in light and dark masses so as to produce the full effect

of a picture was the "Adam and Eve", which appeared in 1504. A fine preliminary

drawing for this print, in the Albertina at Vienna, shows the two figures on a perfectly

black background. In the engraving, however, as carried out, Dürer has made a

praiseworthy attempt to bring out the natural beauty of the human form, and we

should not fail to recongise how far he reached in this respect as the first in the field,

with no predecessor to fall back upon for support, since it was the habit, before his

time, to represent the nude figures as a thing of no loveliness. With well-grounded

self-consciousness he introduced into the print, instead of the mere monogram, a

tablet for an inscription in which he gave the information in Latin, then the universal

language of the learned world, that Albrecht Dürer of Nuremberg was the maker of

the work. It must, indeed, be supposed, that in shaping the figures of Adam and Eve

the master got suggestions and help from seeing works of Italian art.



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Adam and Dürer's tablet Eve, the Snake and the Apple Creatures in Eden